We’ve all heard the rain-man persona: that autistics are dysfunctional math geniuses who excel in programming, analytics and testing (and reading cards in casinos). But that’s a narrow, media driven view and relies on stereotypes, not on capabilities (a common mistake when assessing autistic people), so it makes it hard…

For a long time now I have been meaning to write about one of the most pervasive, perverted and $h!t forms of UX in society today: automated call answering services (ACAS), or IVR (interactive voice response systems). Businesses regularly tout them as ‘improved user experience’​ but they are what happens…

I want to share an uplifting story about our ability to change career. There’s nothing we can’t do and it’s never too late to pursue happiness.

My little boy recently finished his school day, clearly deflated.

The normal spring was gone from his step.

The cheery smile and good humour…

One of my team (Pinky) who has extensive experience of design systems, articulated a very important point using the analogy of Lego and I wanted to share the beautiful simplicity of her analogy.

Design systems are not a silver bullet. They will not magically and completely remove the need for…

UX Research is only meaningful if it :

  • Uncovers all the impactful data
  • Identifies/validates value,
  • Empowers the functional architecture phase
  • Is a consistent, dependable process
  • And critically, if it actually ends.

How often do you find a project trying to minimise, if not avoid altogether, proper UX research?

How often…

Sean McSharry

UX Consultant, Mentor, author, leader, speaker, founder UX Sanctuary

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